Okay! I am sorry Michael Jackson died but PLEASE can we just move on!

<rant>Yeah, the last thing the news media want to talk about is the stupid stuff that Congress is doing. Yeah, lets talk about Michael Jackson, a performer that hasn’t been relevant for 15 years, kills himself by abusing his body with drugs. Lets talk about that!

Congress is voting for bills they have no clue what is even in them. Haven’t read them, don’t know whats in them. Are basically clueless.  Some lobbyist that took them out to a steak dinner and bought them a new SUV told them it was ok, so yeah, lets vote YES. They say: to heck with the country. The common people are just morons that don’t care what politicians do, they would rather watch M.J. coverage on tv.

So, no we are not going to use precious broadcast news time for those idots in congress. – besides that, we rather like them!


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